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Hiring & Classification

Looking for a new job? Wondering if the questions you were asked at the interview were legal? This section addresses some of the most common issues you may encounter in the hiring process, and how you are classified as a worker may affect your workplace rights.

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Spencer Johnson McCammon Weekly

Spencer Johnson McCammon Weekly

Topic of the Week

Unemployment Insurance


Blog of the Week

Federal workers protest against government shutdown across the country

As the partial government shutdown stretches into its third week — making it the second longest shutdown in U.S. history — federal workers in Philadelphia took to the streets Tuesday to protest the White House and congressional inaction that has left them without work and pay for 18 days.

Thought for the Week

"Recognizing that workplaces vary dramatically—by industry, geography, size, and many other factors—means also recognizing there is not one solution to preventing and addressing all workplace harassment."

–Senate HELP Committee’s report on workplace harassment

List of the Week

from Workplace911

911 Readers Favorite Habits

  • Sharpen the saw, 11.4%
  • Be proactive, 22.4%
  • Begin with the end in mind, 25.2%
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood, 40.7% 

Top Five News Headlines

  1. Why you should ask for someone’s pronouns instead of just assuming
  2. New York City mayor to propose law giving all workers 2 weeks of paid time off
  3. Feeling poorer? That's because "real" wages fell last year
  4. Unpaid federal workers owe more than $400 million in mortgage and rent payments this month
  5. Sears workers demand hardship fund as company teeters on edge of closing